5 Things I'm Thinking Right Now
Mon Jul 12, 2010 · 2 min

Following on from Alice and Kim and Dan, here are the five things I'm thinking right now:

  1. The funding models for games are all there; the problem comes at the other end with actually getting something out there. Clearly this is partially about the platforms and forced scarcity, but as another example there's no equivalent of the film festival circuit. And even if there was, the publishers are so scared of taking a risk on anything they're never going to find the games equivalent of Blair Witch Project (insert your favourite low-budget/huge-earning here).
  2. To anyone who thinks that Android is somehow "better" for developers, you've clearly blanked out/weren't around for the first ten years of mobile games development.
  3. There's so much for the games industry to learn from the TV, film, radio, music or restaurant industries that it hurts my brain. If you think otherwise, I say you're looking in the wrong places.
  4. Nintendo do so many things so, so well, that it makes the things they do badly that much more annoying.
  5. To paraphrase Greg Costikyan from a GDC rant a few years back, THE WORLD IS NOT A GIANT FUNNEL DESIGNED TO POUR MONEY INTO YOUR WALLET. Get over it.

You'll notice none of those things involve food, but that's more of an underlying constant thought rather than a specific one.

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