A Game Is A Game Is A Game
Thu Aug 12, 2010 · 2 min

Kieron Gillen, interviewed by Blitz1Up:

I've touched on some of that up-thread in that we see it all part of the same fabric. The Facebook games are the same thing as the hyper-indie-art game are the same thing as whatever costs 400 trillion pounds. It's all games and we want to help encourage people to think of it as such.

Sounds like a familiar refrain ;-) Anyway, it's a great read, but this is the line that jumped out:

The games press is very good at [telling you more about things you already know about and are interested in] and awful at [telling you about things you know nothing about whatsoever].

This was brought home earlier this evening where it seemed like everyone was talking about Bioshock Infinite. That's all fine and well if you like that kind of thing, but I don't like that kind of thing.

I've discussed with people before about how games doesn't seem to have it's Pitchfork or Stereogum, and I know games have all those platform fragmentation issues going on, but unfortunately that's how most review sites are split. Problem is I have 10 platforms for playing games in line of sight from me right now, and I'm totally open to suggestion on which to play at any given time.

I want a site that can recommend me a game from the Xbox Indie channel in the same breath as one for my iPhone at the same time as one for Facebook mere moments after telling me to check out a DS game and oh you should download this thing for your PC too.

Maybe it exists and I just haven't found it yet [NB Please tell me if you have found such a place]. Or maybe it doesn't and you'll have to go build it for me. Thanks in advance.

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