On Leaving Denki
Thu Apr 29, 2010 · 2 min

Yesterday was officially my last day at Denki :-(

At least I won't have the world's most preposterous commute anymore: four hours a day in total. Little wonder I got so much reading done. And I won't miss the guy who joined the commute at Perth, whistling like an idiot. An idiot that doesn't know any tunes to whistle.

What I will miss is working everyday with people who give a damn, who have a sense of purpose, ambition and no little talent. I learned a huge amount in my 18 months at Denki, all of which will serve me well in the future.

When I joined Denki, it became pretty clear pretty quickly that there was something even more special than I suspected happening. That something was channelled into Quarrel, a game I am incredibly proud to be associated with. It kills me to think it might be a while before most of the people reading this get a chance to play it.

But you will get to play it, I'm certain. I don't know where or how or when, but it'll happen.

What's next for me? Right now, the only thing certain is that I'll continue to be Denki's #1 Fan - I love what they're doing next (you will too), and I have huge respect for everyone I worked with there.

Other than that, several things are bubbling under. My main hope is that whatever it turns out to be, I'll once again be working with great colleagues, people I can learn from and be inspired by.

Stay tuned.

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