Fri Feb 25, 2011 · 2 min

Some stuff I've been reading and watching recently:

John Lennon on Songwriting

(via hitrecordjoe)

Nathan Martz & Tim Schafer on Once Upon A Monster

Frankly, I feel kind of the same way about video games right now, that we're not nearly as creatively broad as we could be. We often stay very safe, and safe in some pretty often reprehensible directions, or at least thoroughly uncreative…. I think our medium can do many more things than that.

I heart Double Fine in a big way at the moment.

The Importance of Silhouettes

… a key method for making sure that a Pokemon truly doesn't overlap with ones that have been created in the past is that they render it in silhouette completely black, and compare its shape with past designs. Each silhouette must be completely identifiable as different from others.

I've spoken with people about this in the past, and it's one thing the games industry generally tends not to do that well. The characters of Team Fortress 2 are a great example of where it is done well, though.

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