I’m currently (as of 2022) an Engineering Manager at Adobe’s office in Edinburgh. My team is part of the Cloud Tech organization, focused on building services and infrastructure for the company’s business platform. This includes orchestration APIs, customer communications, and others.

I’m also the founder of Ludometrics, a games company. We made Bodycheck for PS Vita. We also made Bips! for Facebook. And for iOS: Dsmvwld, Matching Set and Sock Monster. Some of these may or may not still be available. Prior to starting Ludometrics, I worked at Denki, Slam and The Games Kitchen. I’ve been making games for mobile devices since 1999 (on and off) and for everything else since forever.

There’s no particular topic for this blog, other than what’s on my mind. Which was historically something games-related, but varies depending on what I’m working on or reading.