Way back in March 2011, I wrote a post over at Scottish Games regarding a missing category in the BAFTA Video Games Awards:

However, I can’t help but think there’s a rather giant omission from the category list, given BAFTA’s stated aim of “developing and promoting the art forms of the moving image in the UK”: there should be a category for “Outstanding British Game“.

This week, BAFTA announced that entries were now open for the 2013 awards, along with a new category:

BRITISH GAME - For the best game of the year across all genres and platforms. Creative control and development must be led by a British development studio.

Hurrah! Well done BAFTA. Of course, I’d like to claim credit for this, but I’m just happy this particular hole has been plugged. I would still love to see an independent British game of the year prize though, an equivalent of the Turner or Mercury prize.